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Healite LED

Main Benefits of Healite LED

Using the power of LED light to trigger skin’s natural healing response, our Healite LED can aid in new skin cell formation and wound repair. This non-invasive treatment can improve collagen and elastin in skin for anti-aging effects as well as treats inflammation and acne. This revitalizing Healite LED treatment can be added as part of your cosmetic plan.

Treatment Process

After your initial consultation about your beauty goals, your Healite LED session takes a short 15 minutes. Once the target area of your skin is prepped, the correct light wavelength for your desires will be chosen and applied. All you need to do during treatment is to relax and let the LED light work on your skin. After the session, we recommend moisturizing. The number of sessions depends on your cosmetic goals. In general, two Healite LED sessions is all you need with an occasional maintenance session.

Price List

1 Session $75
Add on with any treatment $45

Save $30

Package of 4 $160