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Dermal Fillers

Main Benefits of Dermal Fillers Treatment

Replace volume in the face and fill lines giving your skin a more rejuvenated appearance with Dermal Fillers. This treatment lifts your face for a more youthful appearance by attracting water to the injection sites.

Treatment Areas

• Cheeks
• Jawline
• Lips
• Tear Troughs
• Smile Lines
• Temples
• Forehead
• Chin
• Nose
• Hands

Common Questions

How long do Dermal Fillers Last?
The effects of our dermal fillers last from 6 to 18 months depending on filler placement. Near parts of the face or body that do not move much, dermal fillers treatment works for longer amounts of time. For instance, having the procedure done on your cheeks gives you results for about 9 to 15 months while lip fillers may not last as long due to more movement on that part of the face.

Does this treatment hurt?
The dermal filler is mixed with an anesthetic for a more comfortable cosmetic procedure. We can also apply a topical cream to dull any discomfort from the injection. At Dr. Green Cosmetic Group, we have years of experience doing dermal fillers

How long does the process last?
The dermal fillers treatment takes around 15 to 45 minutes depending on which areas you want to concentrate on enhancing in one session.

Who should not do this treatment?
You should not have dermal fillers done if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive. If you have any autoimmune conditions, we recommend you do not undergo this beauty treatment. A comprehensive medical history will also be taken at the cosmetic consultation.

Are dermal fillers safe?
As with any cosmetic treatment, there are always some risks. We can discuss any risks or concerns during your appointment.

Dr. Green Cosmetic Group is excited to join you on your beauty journey. Book your appointment today.